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Words of Songs

The song files are in PDF format which you can download to your hardrive, either by right-clicking and selecting Save As or by clicking and then saving the PDF when it opens in a new page. You will need Adobe Reader(20MB) or other free PDF readers like Foxit(2MB) & Open Office to open these files. If you don't have such a thing, download and install first from here:

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Click here to download 2017 Concert words. (Word format) 

Click here to download 2017 Concert words. (Pdf format) 

SONGS : 2016 (updated 6 February, 2017)

The link above takes you to a PDF containing the songs The Voice House is intending to do in 2016. Please note this is not a final list but any further additions will be clearly indicated.

AMENDMENT! 6 February 2017: Please note that the individual parts for Somewhere Only We Know have been added to p27, with Winter Sunshine being moved to p.28.

NEW! 31 January 2017: Winter Sunshine has been added to p.27

NEW! 24 January 2017: Somewhere Only We Know has been added to p.26

NEW! 16 January 2017: Shto Mi E Milo has been added to p.22; New Jerusalem and Tibje Pajom have been added to p.23; Follow the Heron and Sunshine on Leith have been added to p.24: After the Goldrush has been added to p.25

NEW! 23 November 2016: Lay Down Your Weary Tune has been added to p.19; Karma Chameleon has been added to p.20; It's Gonna Rain has been added to p.21

NEW! 8 November 2016: Original words to Like A Candle (Santelivit Davdnebi) added to p.14

NEW! 25 October 2016: Ruby Tuesday and Thou Wast O God have been added to p.16; California Dreaming and Drive My Car to p.17; Sittin Here In Limbo to p.18

NEW! 10 October 2016: Walk Away Renee has been added to p.15

SONGS : 2015

Download a PDF of the complete Voice House song book with index

This contains the words of all the songs sung by The Voice House from January 2003 to date. Once you have it on your hard disk and open it you can print the whole book or just individual pages using the printer dialogue within File/Print. You can find individual songs by referring to the Index.

Note: In October 2012 it was discovered some pages had been omitted from the Complete Songbook. They are contained in this Missing Pages PDF. Please check whether your printed copy of the Complete Songbook needs any of these pages added to it. The index should not need to be reprinted.

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